Partition Resizing

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Expanding The Filesystem

To create an image that is a acceptable size to download. The partition that holds the operating system has been made as small as possible.

Since you will be using a bigger SD card. It makes sense to resize the partition to use the entire space on the card. Luckily thanks to the raspi-config program it's a very easy process.

1. Login to your Nomadic Pi via SSH. Then run the command sudo raspi-config to start the configuration utility with root privileges.

Running the raspi-config utility

2. Scroll down and select option "7 Advanced Options".

Resizing the SD card partition

3. Select the first option to resize the partition.

4. After the process completes it will ask if you would like to reboot, select yes.

After the system boots again the filesystem will occupy the entire space on the SD card.


Download the image file, write it to an SD card and get started building the perfect entertainment system for your vehicle.

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