Get started with your Nomadic Pi Car Computer

A field service manual for the impatient

Quick Start Guide

Rather than bore you with all of the possible configuration parameters of the Nomadic Pi. This page will run you through the bare essentials you need to know to get into the car computer and start messing around.

If you need more in depth details on a topic. They can be found on the pages listed on the left.

WIFI Access

After the system has finished booting. The easiest way to configure the system is to connect via the WIFI hotspot.

SSID: Nomadic-PI
WPA Password: pinomadic

To change the WIFI settings from the default. Login to the Pi over SSH elevate to root privileges. Then edit the hostapd.conf configuration file in the /etc/hostapd directory.

SSH Access

Once connected to the car computer via WIFI. You can login to the Nomadic Pi on with the following credentials:

Username: pi
Password: pinomadic

After logging in as the pi user you can use sudo to elevate to root privileges.

SSH terminal session on the Nomadic Pi car computer

At this point in time if your car computer has a connection to the Internet via ethernet or a 4G dongle. It would be a wise idea to upgrade the packages installed on the system to the latest and greatest:

apt-get update
apt-get upgrade

Adding Music

By default MPD is configured to look for music in the /media/usbstick. If you want the music to live elsewhere on the file system you will need to change the music directory in the MPD config files.

Chances are you will be storing the music on a separate storage device than the SD Card holding the operating system. If this is the case you will need add a line to your /etc/fstab file. So the device is mounted at system boot and the MPD daemon can see your music collection.

Similar to the music files themselves, playlists are stored in the /var/lib/mpd/playlists as .m3u files. The MPD configuration will need to change if you want to store these in a different location.


Download the image file, write it to an SD card and get started building the perfect entertainment system for your vehicle.

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