Speed into the future with the Nomadic Pi, an Open Source Raspberry Pi based car computer
Version 1.1

Download Size: 2.3GB

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Downloading the Nomadic Pi

A zipped image of the Nomadic Pi car computer has been uploaded to Google Drive for download.

After the download has completed. Unzip the image file then write to your SD card using the dd command or try Win32 Image writer if you're using a Windows system.

What's new in v1.1?

The main goal of this release was allowing the use of the system outside the constraints of the main Nomadic Pi interface.

Some of the major change in the v1.1 release include:

  • The ability to exit the browser full screen mode. This makes use of the experimental touch "exit fullscreen" functionality in Chromium 61.
  • Allowing the using to access other applications on the system or browse the internet on the Nomadic Pi like a standard desktop computer.
  • The addition of Navit GPS navigation software to provide turn by turn navigation functionality.
  • The ability to enter "full screen" mode in the browser via the touch screen when desired using a menu item in the Nomadic Pi application menu.

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